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Located just steps away from North Providence's Historic Fruit Hill neighborhood, Ricci Family Dentistry is a comprehensive dental practice that has provided the highest quality care for our patients since 1987. 


For over 30 years, Dr. John Ricci has been practicing dentistry from the same location, with a loyal following. A lot has changed throughout the years, but many things have remained the same. We are proud to have patients who started at our practice as children, and now bring in their own children as patients. We are a family dental practice, where all four members of the Ricci family work together. Dr. John and his son, Dr. Eric are both graduates of Tufts University School of Dental Medicine in Boston. Dr. Ricci's daughter (Christina) is the Office Manager, and Dr. Ricci's wife (Janet) works part time as an assistant. Our assistant Linda, was a patient herself for over 20 years before she joined our team in 2007. As the practice began to grow with the addition of Dr. Eric, our assistant Nicole joined in 2018; now our dental family is complete. 

Both Doctors see every patient themselves, for every single procedure, no matter how simple or complicated it is. Whether that is a cleaning or a crown, our highly trained doctors will be performing the treatment; we do not have hygienists at our practice. Though most hygienists do fantastic work, we believe in seeing each patient for the entirety of their visit. It's how we've done it for the past 30+ years, and we have no plans to change. We believe that the more time the doctor spends with the patient, the more time there is to deliver the highest standard of care, ensuring there are no missed cavities, or early signs of oral cancer.

We are a proud family practice, and as such, strive to provide you and your family with an encompassing and compassionate experience, through the usage of 21st century dental technology! 

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