Eric J. Ricci, D.M.D.

Dr. Eric always dreamed of becoming a dentist just like his father. Eric attended Saint Anselm College where he earned an Honors Bachelor of Arts degree in History and successfully completed the Pre-Dental program. It was in 2007, at Saint Anselm that he met his wife, Alison. In college, Dr. Ricci served as the Deputy Grand Knight of the Knights of Columbus, an Ambassador at the New Hampshire Institute of Politics, and helped found a residential recycling program for the college’s dormitories. Eric then attended Rhode Island College and obtained a Master of Arts degree in Biology, performing research, under the direction of Dr. Eric Roberts, that resulted in the discovery of a cuticle (the outermost, waxy layer of certain plants) on the species of moss, Physcomitrella patens. Eric was awarded a federal grant through the National Science Foundation EPSCoR  program for his research. 


Dr. Eric attended Tufts University School of Dental Medicine in Boston. There, he was involved in the Delta Sigma Delta dental fraternity, and served as a Teaching Assistant on the clinic floor instructing underclassman. During his senior year, Dr. Ricci was inducted into the Tisch College of Civic Life’s Honos Civicus Society in recognition of his important contributions during his time at Tufts University.

Having his father at his side during dental school as a volunteer faculty member, “was nothing short of surreal.” Respecting this privilege, the two never worked together on any checkoff assignments or graded competencies. There was no greater honor than for his father to join him once a week for lunch, discussing what he had just learned, and to see him develop his skills firsthand. Having also graduating from Tufts, his father was able to give Dr. Eric his white coat at the start of dental school, and to confer his doctoral hood upon his completion. Eric completed his externship at Tufts Dental Facilities (TDF) Worcester clinic for Special Needs. The program was founded in 1976, by a landmark civil rights lawsuit (Ricci v. Okin, 1972) brought by Eric’s great uncle, Dr. Benjamin Ricci. In 2018, Dr. Ricci received the Benco Dental Seattle Study Club Award, identified as a dentist who completed more than the required continuing education courses. Dr. Ricci was named a Corporate Member of the Board at Delta Dental of Rhode Island in 2019. Ricci was a recipient of the Saint Anselm College 10 Under 10 Recognition Program. Most recently, Dr. Eric was named a member of the Board of the Global Science & Envirotech, a 501(c)(3) non-profit.


In addition to drilling, Dr. Eric has been tilling his vegetable garden at the dental office every year since 2008. Eric enjoys photography, and all New England sports, especially the Boston Bruins and New England Patriots. Dr. Ricci and his wife have two children, a girl, a boy, and a pet rabbit named Bean. 

Eric Ricci Tufts Graduation
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