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Our motto has always been to treat our patients like they are family. It's that simple, and it's how we've had a highly successful practice for over 30+ years. It is that motto that guides our sterilization protocols, as all of us (doctors and patients) want to use clean, sterilized and safe instruments.

Our office exceeds the minimum compliance regulations set forth by the Centers for Disease Control(CDC) “Summary of Infection Prevention Practices in Dental Settings”

As well have the 2018 addendum "CDC Statement on Reprocessing Dental Handpieces".

Our Sterilization Protocol:

1) Our assistants and Doctors use gloves and masks whenever treating patients. Hands are washed with soap and water and are dried thoroughly or rubbed with a hand sanitizer before we glove up.

2) In the operatory all surfaces exposed during the procedure are sprayed and wiped down using a hospital grade high level disinfectant, Cavicide (Metrex).

3) All water and suction lines are disinfected nightly to remove the bacterial growth which can occur over night.

4) Plastics, rubber dams, papers, gauze, gloves or anything else disposable are discarded after the procedure.

5) Sharps and needles are disposed of in a puncture-proof container at point of use.

6) All dental drills and instruments are lubricated and sterilized for 27 minutes, at 273 F under pressure in between each and every patient.

7) All instruments used during treatment are reprocessed (or sterilized) using one of two Tuttnauer Dental Autoclaves in our state of the art STERICENTRE. The instruments are pre-washed in an ultrasonic washer to remove debris and then placed into the autoclave for 27 minutes, at 273 F under pressure. We verify sterilization effectiveness mechanically, chemically and biologically with WEEKLY optional testing from a third party (MESA TESTING). Every load is logged by time, date, the contents.

8) All sterilization equipment is inspected and maintained on the schedule recommended by the manufacturer, and we log this in multiple notebooks as needed.

9) Sterilized instruments, handpieces and accessories are stored in sealed pouches, and are opened in front of you at their time of use for your peace of mind!

Your health matters to us so, you can be assured we are taking the latest precautions to make your visit safe!

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